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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be filming our wedding?
We have several cameramen that work for us but Scott is the main cameraman who works on all the shoots.

Is it filmed in high definition?
Yes all filming is done in high definition 1080i.

Can we have some footage in black and white as well as in colour?

Yes we tend to do some scenes in black and white and others in colour with slow motion effects but it is entirely up to you how we do it.

How long after the wedding will the DVD be ready?

The DVD will be ready within 4 weeks after the wedding.

Can we order additional copies of the DVD?

Yes any additional copies of the DVD will be charged at £20 each.

How long is each DVD?
Depends on how long your ceremony and speeches are as everyone’s is different, on average each DVD is between 1.5 to 2 hours long for a full day package.

Does the DVD come with a DVD case and cover?
Yes the DVD comes with a custom designed DVD cover with a custom designed DVD disc.

How long do you keep all the wedding footage for?
We keep everything forever and it is all backed up on external hard drives and discs.

Do we need to meet up before the wedding?
Normally we don’t need to as we arrive at the venue on the day early enough to check out all the shots but it is up to you as we are happy to meet up if you should desire.

Does the DVD have menus?

Yes every DVD comes with its own custom DVD menus and chapter selections including highlights of the full day as well as the main feature.

What extra features do you do?
We usually offer the filming of the bride getting ready before the marriage but we are very flexible and will include whatever you request.

Do you take photos?
No, but what we can include is a montage of still photos from our film footage accompanied by music of your choosing, which would offer you a range of different images to those that your photographer has taken. With film there are 24 frames a second and for a full day’s filming we could have used 6 hours of unedited footage, so we have a lot of still images to choose from.

Do you provide a blu-ray copy?
Yes with the platinum package we will provide two blu-ray copies of your wedding.